Application Development


Application Development Services

alt麦克风roFab's expertise and highly capable laboratories are available to assist companies in developing their applications of ink-jet printing technology. We can:
  • Assist in defining the requirements of the application;
  • Assist in generating a plan to develop the materials, processes, and designs required for the application;
  • Rapidly demonstrate the feasibility of the application in our laboratories, providing early data to a risk assessment;
  • Design and fabricate the equipment required to implement the application, using MicroFab's currently available commercial equipment where possible, customizing it when necessary.
麦克风roFab personnel will apply their experience in developing applications in electronics manufacturing, medical diagnostics, biomedical technology, photonic technology, display manufacturing, etc. to your application.

麦克风roFab's laboratories include seven high-capability jetting and printing systems, based on our jetlab® family of printing systems, that are used for MicroFab's and our customers' ink-jet based development efforts.

Use thecontact formto inquire about your specific application. Provide as much information as possible about your application. Some things to consider for inclusion in the description are:
  • general description – include the application field (bio, genetics, displays, microelectronics, …);
  • solution/material that needs to be dispensed and its viscosity;
  • amount/flow rate of fluid to be dispensed;
  • the droplet printing target and distribution of the droplets on the target.

Job-Shop Services

Once the application development is complete, MicroFab's laboratory and personnel are available for production of parts using a customer's proprietary process. This can be useful: in bridging the gap between the development of a new process at MicroFab and a customer bringing that process in-house; for adding short-term capacity; or as outsourced intermittent production.